Our story

Boruni Galleries

In the amber industry we are mainly known as a network of amber galleries and jewelry stores. We currently have five shops operating in Krakow. The developing network of Boruni galleries is a member of Mikołajczyki Amber Group. From the beginning, we follow the principle of fair trade involving natural amber only. We support new ideas arising from the amber studios of Gdansk and as a consequence we promote new collections of designs in our stores and galleries. We highly value innovative works by Polish artists. It is worth noting that we have a opinion of the fair contractor in the amber industry.

In cooperation with leading Polish producers of jewelry and famous visual artists, we offer our customers the most beautiful amber creations set in silver Ag 925, as well as 14 and 18-carat gold.

In addition to women’s and men’s jewelry, Boruni – Mikołajczyki Amber Group galleries also offer unique products of daily use such letter knives, decorated spoons, sugar bowls, glass framed in silver and amber, perfumettes, business card holders, as well as beautiful sculptures and handmade amber chess. The products are characterized by uniqueness, authenticity, and the way the amber – the “Pearl of the Baltic Sea” is fitted highlights the nobility of its nature.

Being involved in the sale of Polish amber products, we propagate the knowledge of Amber among customers from both Poland and many corners of the world. In the form of additional gifts our galleries provide customers with information, often well-known publications on Polish amber, its origin, meaning, varieties etc.

Amber Portal

In 2006 the desire to promote knowledge about amber initiated the creation of the concept of amber web portal. In March 2007, a web portal – amber.com.pl, which is a platform for information on amber in Polish and English, launched in the virtual world. The portal is a medium designed not only for people affiliated with amber industry, but it also a means of valuable information for a layman seeking knowledge of amber. Since its inception the emphasis is on honest, professional knowledge – a high level of knowledge is ensured by cooperation with the recognized representatives of the amber, museum and scientific environments, as well as with amber organizations, museum establishments, amber institutions and fair organizers. This enables the portal to become an important tool for promotion of amber, amber jewelry, producers, artists and galleries that offer products with amber.

Amber Museum

In September 2013 years the street Jana 2 established the Amber Museum. We have gathered unique exhibits, showing its natural beauty, demonstrating its uniqueness, providing valuable knowledge about the formation and history of treatment, sensitizing its beauty and the diversity of forms and colors. Here it becomes clear why it is amber is the most beautiful of all the stones. Our mission is to not only educate, but also care about the cleanliness of Baltic amber. Therefore, when the museum running the Amber Laboratory, where on modern and reliable spectrometer can check whether a product is made with authentic Baltic amber.

Amber Laboratory

In 2010 we entered a project called “Amber Passport”, launching the idea of good practice in trading jewelleries with amber.

In our galleries every purchase of jewellery with amber, is confirmed with an authenticity certificate.

Tomasz Mikołajczyk

Tomasz Mikołajczyk has been active in the amber industry for more than 20 years. He is a jeweller by education and amber soon became his passion. Out of his admiration for this remarkable stone and the jewellery made with it, an idea came to first create the now closed Mikołajczyki Gallery in Cracow’s historic Sukiennice Cloth Hall, with groundbreaking and unique jewellery from Poland’s best designers and jewellery companies, and then the network of the BORUNI / Mikołajczyki Amber stores in selected Polish cities. Today they are located only in Cracow, where you can buy choice amber jewellery by the leading Polish manufacturers and designers. As a company owner, he places great importance on business reliability and salesperson education.

Over these two decades in the business, he has become well known as a businessman but also an amber lover – especially of unique sculpture, designer jewellery and fascinating shapes. His passion has resulted not only in a remarkable collection of Baltic amber products, accumulated for years, but most of all in the amber.com.pl Amber Portal, which he has initiated and owns. The aim of amber.com.pl, which was launched in 2007, is to further the knowledge about amber and showcase contemporary Polish amber jewellery design. One of its more important goals is to educate – not only the end customer but also manufacturers and resellers. During the 6 years of its existence, amber.com.pl has become a veritable treasure trove of amber expertise. The web-site has a kind of virtual glossary of amber (the Resources tab) where you can find a lot of useful information presented in a user-friendly way, starting from the origin of amber and its properties, through selected historical features, to contemporary manufacture and museum collections, all of which presents an enormous scientific value. The News section cannot be overestimated either, as a chronicle of the most important amber events, mainly: trade fairs, exhibitions, presentations and competitions. From the Portal’s very beginning, emphasis has been placed on reliable and expert knowledge, with its high scientific rating guaranteed by amber.com.pl’s partnership with recognised representatives of the amber art, museum and research community, together with amber organisations, museums, institutions and trade fair organisers.