Boruni Gallery

ul. św. Jana 2, Kraków

In the heart of Cracow over 250 m² we have created a modern Amber Room. In its elegant interiors, we have collected exhibits about the fascinating history of amber. In the museum shop, the tradition is mixed with modernity – from classic amber corals, through delightfully feminine necklaces or bracelets to unique sculptures and utensils. Those who wish to learn more about the “Baltic treasure” have the opportunity to watch films in Polish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, depicting the history of amber and its contemporary artistic manifestations. In addition, from spring to autumn we have at your disposal an intimate, accessible only from the interior of the “Amber Museum” garden, where among the flowers and plants you can breathe in the shade of large umbrellas. It is a great place for quiet conversations, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink with a wide range of drinks to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. It happens that love for amber is sometimes born slowly – although we know that inevitably. That is why we will ensure that the reasons for frequent visits to the Amber Museum and our Gallery are good enough throughout the year, and the qualified and friendly staff will certainly advise you on choosing the perfect gift.   Facilities

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Boruni Mikołajczyki Amber Group ul. św. Jana 2
, 31-018 Kraków


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