Amber Jewellery

We specialize in contemporary jewelery inspired by the current trends in fashion jewelery as well as in classic, timeless designs and products. We cooperate with leading Polish and Lithuanian producers and recognized artists and jewelery designers.

Amber Galleries

In the amber industry we are known primarily as a network of galleries and amber jewelery stores. Currently we have two points operating in the heart of Krakow. We invite you to visit BORUNI!

Unique collections

What’s more, besides women’s and men’s jewelery, we also offer original everyday products and amber artworks.

Our story

In the amber industry we are mainly known as a network of amber galleries and jewelry stores. We currently have five shops operating in Krakow. The developing network of Boruni galleries is a member of Mikołajczyki Amber Group. From the beginning, we follow the principle of fair trade involving natural amber only. We support new ideas arising from the amber studios of Gdansk and as a consequence we promote new collections of designs in our stores and galleries. We highly value innovative works by Polish artists. It is worth noting that we have a opinion of the fair contractor in the amber industry.

In cooperation with leading Polish producers of jewelry and famous visual artists, we offer our customers the most beautiful amber creations set in silver Ag 925, as well as 14 and 18-carat gold.

Amber Jewellery

amber inspirations


Certificate – a guarantee of authenticity of amber.

IIn our galleries every purchase of jewellery with amber, is confirmed with an authenticity certificate. Examination certificate will be issued only on the basis of a particular product’s spectrum. On the certificate with a unique hologram will be uploaded a description of the product, its weight, the expert opinion, of any reconstructions and modifications and date and place of study.


Baltic amber (succinite) is a fossil resin which formed under natural conditions 45 million years ago. In spite of the many processes, which the resin went through to transform into amber, it remains in the fossil stage, i.e. is subject to oxidising and polimerisation. Since this process is ongoing, amber keeps changing so we can assume that it is a “living” stone, friendly to humans.


amber inspirations

Our location

Cloth Hall

Sukiennice, Rynek Główny, Kraków

Three stand with a wide range of amber in the heart of Cracow


ul. Św. Jana 2, Kraków

The Amber Chamber in the heart of Cracow. More than 250 m² of surface. Amber Museum (free admission) with a museum shop, where tradition mixed with modernity.